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This is a promotional/documentary style piece I made for the Restaurant I work for, Juliano's. This piece highlights the restaurant's dedication to exceptional customer service, and will be a great way for new customers to get an idea of what Juliano's Restaurant is all about.
This is a promotional piece I made for the release of my band's EP. I did all of the videography and editing, except for the shots at :26 and :35 seconds. I really enjoy taking a more creative editing approach to videos such as this one.
This is a promotional piece I made for Roxamore Sports Network as an intern. The video was aired during broadcast commercial breaks to tell fans that football is right around the corner.  
This is an Intro/Opener I made for a ministry show that ended up never airing. The show was also supposed to promote Mushir Howell's tea brand, which is alluded to in this intro.

This is a video I made for Portfolio class where I talk about my first college experience at Penn State Behrend. I became very connected with the Wintergreen Gorge, which is located right on the edge of campus, and I learned many lessons out there. I discuss how I learned these lessons, and how they made me into the person I am today.

This is my band's first song from our EP, "Island Avenue." I play guitar in the band, but I also do all of the recording engineering, mixing, and a lot of the songwriting. I also did the artwork for this release from scratch. Our band has a lot of exciting material coming out soon, so stay tuned. Also, our music is available to listen on all streaming platforms.

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