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About Me

My name is Jason Gallagher

I am from Kennedy Township PA, and my biggest interests are video production and music. I have enjoyed and pursued these subjects since I was a kid, but as I have grown, I have developed and expanded my skills to be at a professional level. I have also learned to collaborate with others to deliver the highest quality of work possible. My skill set includes Video Editing, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Videography, and Audio Recording/Mixing. 

When I have free time, my favorite things to do are to spend time in nature and make music with my friends. These things are what make me feel connected to the world and to other people. Any projects where I can be around music or nature are the ones I enjoy the most!


I prefer to work on commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, music videos and band demo recordings, as I think my skills would be best fit for these types of projects. But no matter what route I take in the field, I have a wide range of skills that will suit me well, and I can’t wait to get to work on my next professional project!


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